Subject and Aim

Globalization and its socio-economic consequences is an international scientific conference, thematically focused on the process of globalization and its impact on the economic, social and cultural life of human society.
Its main aim is the cooperation with domestic and foreign educational and scientific-research institutions to present and transfer the newest knowledge in the relevant field. The conference has gained an excellent renown through fifteen years of its existence and that is the reason why outstanding Slovak and foreign experts in their fields take part in it.
The requirement of publishing the paper is its originality, its contribution to the theory, presentation of empirical knowledge or model solutions of the given issue both at home and abroad. The content of the paper must correspond to the publishing strategy of the conference and the article must meet the other conditions given in the author’s guidelines (see section Important dates). The conference proceedings is addressed to the international community, thus papers are published mainly in English. There is a publication fee for the paper processing (see section Conference fee). The thematic orientation of the conference includes the following topics:
Business Economics and Finance
    • Economic and Financial Performance
    • The Sustainable and Impact Investments
    • Regional Economics
    • Financial structure and systematic risks of enterprises
    • Global perspective of financial markets
Behavioral Economics and Decision Making
    • Economic Decision and Organization
    • Advances in Strategic Management
    • Marketing Research and Strategy
    • Global and Local Consumer Claims
    • Labor Economics and Human Geography
Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Innovation
    • Industry 4.0 Implication for Economy and Society
    • Business Information System
    • Technology & Innovation
    • Attributes and Challenges of Digital Economy
    • Digital Environment and Social Networks
2. Economic Sustainability and Economic Resilience
    • Circular, Sharing, and Collaborative Economy
    • Bio-based Economy
    • Economic Progress in Emerging Countries
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Environmental Resource Management