Gunter Merdzan

was born in 1994 in Bitola. He completes primary and secondary education in Resen. In 2013 he enrolled in undergraduate studies at the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. In 2017 he graduated as the best student of graduates 2016/2017. On October 9, 2020, he defended his master’s thesis on “The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Labour Productivity” and obtained the title Master of Economics in the field of Economic Development and International Finance. Since January 2021, he has been working as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. The main areas of his scientific preoccupation are economics, economic growth and development, technology, digitization, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution and automation on labour productivity. From 2017 to 2020, he was hired as a teaching felloe at the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje.

In his work as an assistant at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, he is responsible for preparation and performance of exercises, participating in teaching in the presence of a teacher, performing student consultations, participating in scientific and research projects, publishing scientific and research papers, being on duty during exams and other activities. Furthermore, he has participated in various competitions in the academic field, where he has gained high awards. In addition, he has published several scientific research papers in macroeconomics, economic development, investment, technology, and other field in various international scientific journals and has participated in several international conferences.


  • “Municipal Revenue Determinants in a South-Eastern European Economy: Evidence from North Macedonia”, in… (Co-authors: Borce Trenovski1 and Filip Peovski3) – Category: Article; → ONGOING WORK!
  • “Public Debt and Economic Growth – The Case of the Republic of North Macedonia”, in Proceedings of the Faculty of Economics in East Sarajevo: Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 9, No. 21 (2020), Published: 15 June 2021, DOI:, Link: (Co-authors: Kristijan Kozeski1, Predrag Trpeski2 and Marijana Cvetanoska3) – Category: Article;
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  • “Labour Productivity in terms of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, in Southeast European Review of Business and Economics (SERBE), Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2020, Published: June 2020, pp. 38-51, DOI 10.20544/SERBE.02.01.20.P03, Link: (Co-authors: Borce Trenovski1, Marija Trpkova-Nestorovska2 and Kristijan Kozeski4) – Category: Article;

“Effects of Automation on Labour Markets in the Emerging Countries”, in Proceedings of International Conference of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics, 4-5 June 2020, e-conference, R. North Macedonia; [editor in chief Andrej Stefanov]. – Skopje: International Balkan University, 2020, Published: June 2020, pp. 37-50, Link: (Co-authors: Ervin Domazet2, Bilal Sucubasi3 and Berkan Imeri4) Category: Conference Paper.

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