Nikola Slašťanová

is PhD. student at the Department of Marketing, Trade and World Forestry (Technical University in Zvolen). Since 2018, my research activities have focused on environmentally sound purchasing in the woodworking industry. So far am, authored and co-authored fourteen scientific papers published at domestic and foreign scientific conferences and journals. I am participated in four projects (the last was VEGA 1/0756/16 Identification of consumers’ segments according to their affinity for environmental marketing strategies of businesses entities in Slovakia). I finished successfully as a researcher the IPA project 7/2020, Possibilities to increase the competitiveness of the woodworking industry through the application of environmentally sound purchasing.

LOUČANOVÁ, E., PALUŠ, H., BÁLIKOVÁ, K., DZIAN, M., SLAŠŤANOVÁ, N., ŠÁLKA, J., 2020: Stakeholders’ perceptions of the innovation trends in the Slovak forestry and forest-based sectors. In Journal of business economics and management. ISSN 1611-1699, 2020, vol. 21, issue 6, p. 1610-1627. VEGA 1/0674/19 ; VEGA 1/0666/19 ; KEGA 009TU Z-4/2019 ; APVV-17-0232. WOS, SCOPUS. Dostupné na internete:

SLAŠŤANOVÁ, N., PALUŠ, H., ŠULEK, R., ČOREJOVÁ, T., 2020: The strategic analysis of the implementation of green purchasing in the forest-based sector. In Sustainability of forest-based industries in the global economy : proceedings of scientific papers. – Zagreb ; Zagreb : WoodEMA, i.a. : University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry, [2020]. ISBN 978-953-57822-8-5, p. 77-81. APVV-18-0520 ; IPA TUZVO 7/2020 ; VEGA 1/0666/19 ; VEGA 1/0674/19 ; KEGA 003TU Z-4/2018. SCOPUS. Dostupné na internete:

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