Renata Matkevičiene

is researcher at Vilnius University since 2002. The main area of research: corporate communication (organizational communication, reputation, trust and CSR), media sociology. As a researcher (after defense of doctoral dissertation in 2007) she has written several articles in scientific monographs analyzing quality of information and communication activities of organizations, trust and sustainability, she has published articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals mostly related with the political communication issues such as political media discourse, political image, political corruption and political election campaigns, political populism as communication style. She has participated in number of scientific conferences in the field of communication (PR and CSR) research. For almost ten years she is a member of Lithuanian communication association. In 2018 together with colleagues from Lithuanian communication association she worked on the first official communication / PR dictionary. Since 2016 she is actively involved in social entrepreneurship as consultant and mentor for young entrepreneurs: together with partners from NGOs, public and private sector she participates in educational and research projects, and incubators or accelerators for young entrepreneurs as well.

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